Steve Kneeland

Steve Kneeland is a retired vice president from Xerox Corp.

Kneeland started his career with Xerox in 1973. During his eight years in direct sales, he was recognized as the top sales representative in the Buffalo district for two consecutive years and achieved President’s Club honors for seven years. Then, as a sales manager in Erie, Kneeland managed a team of 12 sales representatives, achieving sales goals for three consecutive years and earning recognition as the top sales team in the Buffalo district.

Later, Kneeland served on the launch team for a new Xerox initiative called sales agents — independent businesses contracted to sell Xerox equipment in rural areas. Kneeland's team was responsible for contracting, training and supporting agents in Pennsylvania, New York and parts of Ohio, and Kneeland was recognized as top agent manager in the country.

In the mid-1980s, Kneeland and his family moved to Connecticut, where he was named sales operation manager for the northeast region, charged with launching a desktop laser printer, providing sales support and delivering the operating plan. His next assignment was in Hartford, where Kneeland managed a team of analysts and sales reps.

By 1989, Kneeland was promoted to district manager for the Buffalo region, which included five sales teams and 25 agencies. Over the next five years, the district doubled in annual revenue to $85 million.

After 25 years in the field, Kneeland was promoted to vice president, working in Xerox's U.S. headquarters in Rochester for the next decade. During his tenure, Kneeland led the sales agents program of 600 agencies and 3,000 sales representatives, as well as several other departments, including service marketing, the service agents program and technical support.

Education Background

  • Bachelor of Science, Education Biology – Edinboro State College
  • Certified Service Leadership Institute – Arizona State University
  • Increasing Sales through Independent Representatives – University of Wisconsin
  • Incumbent VP School at Xerox – Center for Creative Leadership in Virginia
  • Six Sigma Green Belt – Xerox Corp.
  • Dean’s Advisory Council Member (2002-2009) – University at Buffalo
  • Certified CPR Instructor – American Heart Association
  • Adjunct Instructor (2009-present) – University at Buffalo