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PMBA Online Information Session

What do people have to say about the UB School of Management's Professional MBA Program?

“International Marketing taught me so much about working with associates in other parts of the world. I am regularly in contact with our teams in China and Mexico, developing business solutions on their behalf. Time and language barriers make it difficult to do so, but having been to Europe and meeting with so many diverse companies, the job was much less intimidating than it might have been otherwise.”
Jason MacLean, PMBA ’15 , Systems Analyst
Rich Products
“I was able to apply what I learned in the evening to my work the very next day. This helped accelerate my learning. Thanks to the program I developed important business acumen and leadership skills that both the company and I are benefitting from.”
Eilish Cumbo, PMBA '16, Food Technologist
Rich Products
“The UB Professional MBA program is much more than a part-time MBA program — it’s designed from the ground up for working professionals. I chose this program because I wanted exposure to peers in other industries and to learn from world-class faculty that truly understand the demands of full time employment. Having completed the program, I cannot imagine attending any other school.”
Axel Heimer, PMBA ’15 , VP & Operations Manager
M&T Bank