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GMAT Preparation Materials

There are numerous ways to prepare for the GMAT. This page lists the most popular resources our applicants have used.

GMAT Review Courses and Private Tutoring

You may feel a classroom environment with in-person instructor interaction is helpful for recalling formulas you haven’t used in a number of years, understanding the types of questions asked on the test, and offering tips and tricks that will help you feel prepared for test day. Others prefer online prep classes or private tutoring. The most used options are listed below.

Self-Guided GMAT Review Resources

Many successful applicants have told us that they used the following books to prepare for the GMAT on their own.

  • Cracking the GMAT, 2016 Edition
  • Kaplan GMAT 2015

GMAT Practice Tests

It is always a good idea to take a few practice tests while you are preparing. Many classes will include practice tests and books will include CDs that have test simulations. If you are looking for additional practice tests or still deciding which way you want to study, you can take FREE GMAT practice tests on the following websites.