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Wencui Han

PhD Student
Management Science and Systems Deparment


PhD, Management, University at Buffalo, expected June 2013
MS, Management, Polytechnic Institute of New York University
MS, Management, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
BA, Management, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications


  • Compliance in extreme events and health care contexts
  • Adoption of Health IT
  • Impact of Health IT on care outcomes


  • Business data analytics
  • Health informatics
  • Database

Journal Publications

Han, W., Ada, S., Sharman, R., Gray, R. “Factors Impacting the Adoption of Social Network Sites for Emergency Notification Purposes in Universities.” Forthcoming in International Journal of Business information Systems.

Working Papers

Han, W., Ada, S., Sharman, R., and Rao, H. R. “Campus Emergency Notification Systems: an Examination of Factors Affecting Compliance with Alerts.” Revision and resubmit for 2nd round at MIS Quarterly.

Han,W., Sharman, R., Kernan, J., Yang, M., Heider, A., Maloney, N., Singh, R. “Impact of Electronic Diabetes Registry Use on Care and Outcomes in Primary Care.” Under review in Health Care: the Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation.

Refereed Proceedings

Venkatesan, S., Han, W., Kisekka, V., and Sharman, R., “Misinformation in Online Health Communities.” Forthcoming Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP), Milan, Italy, 2013.

Han, W., Sharman, R., Singh, R., Singh, G. “The Impact of Practice Size and Meaningful Use Engagement on the Usage of Clinical Decision Support Systems and Practice Productivity.” SIGDSS Workshop, Milan, Italy, 2013.

“Medication Adherence Reminding, Motivation and Monitoring System.” Co-authored with Mulgund, P, Jayaprakash, A., D., Parab, H., V., Jayaraman, J., Jiwane, K., Upadhya, A., K., Singh, G., Singh, R. Under review in Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS), Milan, Italy, 2013.

Han, W., Sharman, R., Singh, R., Singh, G. “Impact of Care Coordination with Electronic Diabetes Registry on the Quality of Care and Hospital Utilization.” Workshop on Health Information and Economics (WHITE), Washington, D.C., 2013.

Han, W., Valecha, R., and Sharman, R. “Impact of Security and Privacy Concerns among Medicare Patients on Sharing Health Information Online.” 8th Annual Symposium on Information Assurance (ASIA), Albany, NY, 2013.

Srivastava, S., Han, W., Sharman, R., “Managing Campus Shooting Incidents through Emergency Notification Systems: An insight into the issue of student compliance.” Proceedings of the Mid-West Association for Information Systems (MWAIS), Green Bay, Wisconsin, 2012.

Han, W., Ada, S., Sharman, R., Rao, H. R., and Brennan, J., “Critical Factors Affecting Compliance to Campus Alerts.” International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Shanghai, China, 2011.

Han, W., Ada, S., Sharman, R., Rao, H. R., and Brennan, J., “Critical Success Factors to Improve Compliance with Campus Emergency Notifications.” 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Detroit, Michigan, 2011.

Work In Progress

“Variation in Adoption of Clinical Decision Support in Primary Care.” Co-authored with Gupta, A., Azam, F., Siddiqui, H., Sharman, R., Sign, R., targeted for submission to International Journal of Medical Informatics in Nov. 2013.

“Misinformation in Online Health Communities.” Co-authored with Venkatesan, S., Kisekka, V., and Sharman, R. Targeted for submission to Information Systems Journal in Jan. 2014.

Industry Experience

Intern in IT department, Mercy Hospital at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY   
Account manager, Allstate Merchant Services, New York, NY
Administrate staff, Florentine School, New York, NY