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Lifang Gao

PhD Student
Operations Management and Strategy Department


PhD, Management, Operations Management and Strategy (Strategic Management track), University at Buffalo, expected June 2015
BA, Management Information System, Wuhan University, China


  • Venture capital, financing entrepreneurship
  • Social capital, inter-organizational networks


  • Fundamentals of Strategic Management (Instructor), Fall 2011.
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Management (Instructor), Summer 2012.
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Management (Instructor), Fall 2012.
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Management (Instructor), Summer 2013.
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Management (Instructor), Fall 2013

Selected Publications

  • Jiang, H., Cannella, A.A., Gao, L., & Jiao, J. (2013). Inward-Outward Guanxi Contagion and Employees’ Responses to Managerial Guanxi Practices. Journal of Management and Organization, 19(5):613-634.

Under Review

  • Jiang, H. & Gao, L. [Title withheld in compliance with the blind review process]. Invited for Revise and Resubmit, Strategic Management Journal

Works in Progress

  • Gao, L., Li, Y. & Yang, H. How Firms Use Networks to Tackle Uncertainty in Financing Entrepreneurship: From Real Option Perspective. . [Writing stage, Target journal: Strategic Management Journal]
  • Gao, L., Jiang, H., Xia. J. & Li, Y.  Rely On You or Rely On your Friends? Relational Dependence, Structural Dependence, and Venture Investment Termination. [Preparing for Submission, Target journal: Strategic Management Journal]
  • Jiang,H., Gao, L. & Bai, T. FDI Entry Mode and Survival: The Effect of Position-Specific Network”. [Data analysis stage, Target Journal: Journal of International Business Studies]
  • Lin, W. T. & Gao, L. The Business Value of Information Technology and Product Efficiency: a Perspective of Market Orientation. [Writing stage, Target journal: Journal of Management]

Selected Conference Presentation

  • “Rely on You or Rely on Your Friend? Relational Dependence, Structure Dependence, and Venture Investment Termination.” With Jiang.H. Annual Conference of Strategic Management Society 2014, Madrid , Spain.
  • “Making the Pie and Splitting the Pie: Joint Value Creation and Opportunism in Volatile Environment.” With Jiang. H, & Hoetker, G. Annual Conference of Academy of Management 2013, Orlando
  • “Something Old, Something New, and Something You Want: The Coevolution of Firms Ego Exploitive and Exploratory Alliance Network.” With Jiang, H., Cannella, A. A. Annual Conference of Strategic Management Society 2013, Atlanta
  • “When Will Employees Interpret Guanxi Practices Negatively? External-Internal Guanxi Contagion and Employees’ Reaction to Managerial Guanxi Practice.” With Jiang, H. & Jiao, J. Annual Conference of Academy of Management 2010, Montreal

Awards, Grants, and Honors

  • Doctoral Scholarship, School of Management, University at Buffalo

Professional Affiliations

  • Conference reviewer: Academy of Management Annual Meetings
  • Journal reviewer: Journal of Business Research
  • Membership of professional associations: AOM (BPS & ENT), SMS

Industry Experience

  • Assistant consultant (Intern), iResearch Consulting Group, Shanghai, China.
  • Key Dta-Mining and Marketing team, China Tobaco Guangdong Industrial Co., Ltd, Guangdong, China