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Learn global best practices and develop advanced skills in operations and supply chain management. 

Our 36-credit program can be completed in two or three semesters. Working professionals may complete the degree at a slower pace by choosing the Industry Operations track.

  • Further your knowledge of dynamic demand forecasting techniques to improve business performance
  • Meet challenges arising from increasing customer demands on price, quality, lead time, variety and mass customization
  • Avoid disruptions in increasingly volatile business contexts through agile logistics methodologies
  • Gain essential project management skills to prepare for game-changing leadership roles
  • Ensure sustainability in all segments of the global supply chain

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Core Curriculum

Develop the intellectual foundation and tools to succeed in a complex, data-driven operational environment. The core curriculum provides a strong base upon which you will build your professional career. 

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Electives

First Semester

MGQ 601 Managerial Decision Modeling

MGO 631LEC Production and Inventory Planning

This course focuses on production and inventory management problems in the entire supply chain, and the application of quantitative models and information systems and technologies for these problems. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system platform is assumed and the course also covers the implementation aspects of ERP systems. The topics covered include supply chain strategy and coordination mechanisms, forecasting systems, aggregate planning, advanced planning systems (APS), master production scheduling, materials requirements planning (MRP) systems, inventory management for suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, cellular manufacturing, just-in-time (JIT) systems, lean manufacturing, optimized production technology (OPT), and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) technologies. The completion of this course will enable students to take the certification examinations (CPIM/CFPIM) for American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Fall 2020

MGO 634LEC Project Management

A project is a unique endeavor to create something of value. Modern project management does not belong exclusively to any particular industry, as it is useful to large corporations, government agencies, and individuals alike. This course covers the defining, organizing, and managing of complex, multidisciplinary projects, focusing on concepts and skills increasingly critical to 21st century work.

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Fall 2020

MGO 636LEC Supply Chain Analytics

This course focuses on design, modeling and optimization of supply chain networks. Topics covered include: global supply chain strategy formulation, performance metrics, new forecasting models applicable for supply chain contexts, newsvendor models for capacity and aggregate planning, models for location and design of supply and distribution entities, inter-organizational planning, advanced planning systems, multi-echelon inventory analysis, distribution requirements planning (DRP) systems, joint transportation-inventory models, and pricing and revenue management techniques.

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Fall 2020

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Channel your foundational knowledge into a targeted career direction. Customize your program by choosing a track and elective courses from our comprehensive offerings.