MIS Curriculum

First Semester - Fall

  • MGS 607 Technology Management and E-Business    
  • MGS 613* Database Management Systems
  • MGS 655 Distributed Computing   
  • MGQ 606** Statistical Foundations of Analytics
  • Elective (see electives list below, select two)

Second Semester - Spring

  • MGS 614* Systems Analysis and Design
  • MGS 616 Predictive Analytics
  • MGS 625 Management of IT Projects
  • MGG 503** Introduction to Business
  • Electives (see electives list below, select two)
  • MGS 649 MIS Practicum (one credit)

    The MIS practicum is the capstone course for this program. It provides you with real-world experience in the MIS area through an internship with an external organization or a project within the university under the academic supervision of a faculty mentor in the MSS Department. The course will allow you to integrate the knowledge and skills you acquired in the classroom and apply them in a practical setting.

Each of the courses, except MGS 647, is 3 credit hours. The total program is 31 credit hours.

*These courses are components of the Information Assurance certificate. If you take three of these elective courses, you will be eligible for the certificate in addition to the MS degree. See further information on the Information Assurance certificate

** Students without a business background are required to take MGG 503 and MGQ 606.



  • MGS 602 Global Information Technology Infrastructure Management
  • MGS 611 Management of Globally Distributed Services
  • MGS 632 Seminar in Health Information Systems 
  • MGS 634 Integrative Approaches to Healthcare Management 
  • MGS 640 IT Risk Management (1.5 credits)
  • MGS 641 Advanced IT Risk Management (1.5 credits)
  • MGS 642 IS Auditing for IT Managers 
  • MGS 647 Supervised Research in MIS
  • MGS 650 *Information Assurance
  • MGS 651 *Management of Computer Networks
  • MGS 653 Social Network Analytics
  • MGS 657 Online Analytical Processing: Data Warehousing with SAS
  • MGS 659 *Seminar in Electronic Commerce
  • MGS 662 Machine Learning