Approval for Courses Outside School of Management

All students must fulfill all core requirements. All electives are to be completed at the graduate level. Up to 10% of elective coursework may be taken outside of the School of Management at the University at Buffalo (full-time students only). Non-School of Management courses must be relevant to the student’s career plans in order to qualify for elective credit. “C” grade is the minimum acceptable grade outside the School of Management.

To request approval for credit of a  non-School of Management course, the student must write a one-page proposal.  The proposal must include the following:

  • Course Title
  • Course number
  • Course description (syllabus prefered)
  • Explanation of the management content in the course
  • Explanation of why the course is relevant to career goals

The proposal must be submitted electronically to the academic advisor.

EXCEPTION: Electives cannot be taken outside of the School if a student has already been conferred an advanced degree.