The full-time MBA program employs a distinctive structure. First-year students are assigned to heterogeneous cohorts. A cohort is a group of students who enter the program together and progress through their core courses as a group. Cohorts are also known as learning communities because the expectation is that the group will develop a sense of community to empower its members to learn more easily and more completely.
Students are also assigned to study teams. These teams will generally be composed of five or six students with diverse backgrounds. Team assignments will be distributed during MBA Advantage.
The School of Management is a leader among other management schools in that it requires MBA students to complete a credit-bearing internship as part of the course of study. Credit-bearing internships provide students with an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-world projects within diverse professional work environments.
The Internships and Experiential Learning (IEL) team operates within the Career Resource Center (CRC) and is part of a collaborative effort to build relationships with employers to develop relevant internship opportunities for School of Management students. Members of the CRC’s graduate advisor team are available to assist MS students in regard to their internship and job search strategies. IEL is also supported by a School of Management faculty committee that participates in policy decisions.