Financial Accounting and Assurance Track

Auditors ask "Why?"

Most accounting courses focus on learning the rules, techniques and computations required to prepare and analyze financial information. Auditing courses focus on the analytical and logical skills necessary to evaluate the relevance and reliability of the information. Therefore, the study of auditing is more conceptual in nature. 

Are you ready for the next step in your accounting career?

  • Sharpen your critical-thinking skills as you learn to systematically investigate and evaluate financial reports and data.
  • Take courses in accounting and auditing research, global financial reporting, forensic investigation, data analytics and financial statement analysis.
  • Join a CPA firm’s audit team to assess the financial statements of corporations, using data analytics and fraud investigation techniques to provide assurance that businesses are presented fairly.
  • Advance to consulting opportunities in mergers and acquisitions, international expansion and IPOs, building on coursework in advanced issues in financial accounting, accounting research, global reporting and business valuation.
  • Participate in accounting policy decisions of a corporation or government agency, using your accounting research, critical-thinking and analytical skills developed in the MS Accounting program.
  • Climb the corporate ladder in financial accounting and reporting, on your path to becoming a controller or chief financial officer.

Fall Semester

Core Courses

  • MGA 612 Taxation of Business Entities
  • MGA 614 Advanced Auditing
  • MGA 623 Introduction to Professional Tax Research (1.5 credits)
  • MGA 624 Research in Accounting and Auditing Standards (1.5 credits)

Track Courses

  • MGA 635 Global Financial Reporting
  • MGA 643 Fraud Examination and Forensic Investigation

Spring Semester

Core Courses

  • Choose one:
    • MGA 617 Advanced Topics in Management Accounting and Control
    • MGA 618 Current Issues in Financial Reporting
  • MGA 621 Data Analytics for Accountants
  • Business elective or internship

Track Courses

  • MGA 637 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
  • Business elective

Note: Not all electives are offered every semester.