Registration Procedures

Full-time students should check the registration dates and procedures published in HUB, the university's online system. Courses may be added and dropped by registered students until the end of the drop/add period. Both initial registration and drop/add are conducted through HUB.

Students are advised to check in HUB before registering for courses. Changes are often made after the Registrar publishes the university schedule.

Registration Prior to Degree Conferral

Students must be registered for at least one credit in the term immediately prior to degree conferral as indicated below:

  • Fall term registration is required if a student intends to finish degree requirements in time for the Feb. 1 degree conferral.
  • Spring term registration is required if a student intends to finish degree requirements in time for the June 1 or Sept. 1 degree conferral.

Registration Service Indicators

The Graduate School is responsible for processing registration service indicators (to prevent a student from registering) upon receipt of appropriate information from the academic department. Students who have been dismissed from a graduate program due to unsatisfactory academic progress will find a "GRD" service indicator on their record if they attempt to register. Such students may contact the chair of the department from which they were dismissed to seek advice regarding potential removal of this service indicator.

Students who have been registered as non-degree seeking students or who have not complied with departmental or Graduate School policies and procedures may also encounter a "GRD" service indicator when they attempt to register. These students should contact the Graduate School or the department through which they were previously enrolled to determine what is necessary to have the service indicator removed.

Departments wishing to have a "GRD" service indicator issued or removed should forward a letter or email to the Graduate School containing the following information:

  • Name of department.
  • Name of student.
  • Student's person number.
  • Semester or date for which service indicator action is effective.
  • Reason for service indicator action with documentation.
  • Name of the person requesting the service indicator action.