Waiver Policies - Full-Time Students

Full-time students may not waive core courses regardless of previous education or experience. These courses are an integral part of the cohort system.

See internship waiver policy in the IEP section of this Handbook.

Electives cannot be waived except in the case where a student petitions the department to waive a concentration elective for satisfaction of a concentration requirement. No credit will be given if waived and substitution of another elective is required. Eleven electives (33 credits) must be completed for the full-time program.

Exception: Students in the full-time program who have completed a graduate degree in another area, prior to entrance into the full-time program, may obtain a waiver of up to 6 hours of graduate elective credit based on this alternate area of graduate specialization. 

BS/MBA Program Courses
Students who are in the BS/MBA program are expected to complete core courses at the graduate level. Advanced planning is necessary to ensure that the required undergraduate coursework has been completed before beginning the MBA program.