Computer Resources

The School of Management's computer lab is located in Jacobs 210. This facility houses 30 networked personal computers that are linked to the internet and are configured to access the UB Mail system. Each computer is configured with the most current versions of the Microsoft Office suite of products and software specific to School of Management curricula. Within the consultant's office, Jacobs 210A, two special configurations have been created for student access. One computer has been connected to an optical scanner. There is a printer available for students to use with their own personalized résumé paper. There is a release print workstation in the consultant’s office to ensure the printer is available.

Printing in the Jacobs lab is managed by iprint@ub software that helps to reduce paper waste and provide convenience to students. The Jacobs computer lab has been specifically designed for the use by the School of Management students and faculty. Only current School of Management students are able to log on to the lab computers. Upon the initial login onto a lab computer in 210 Jacobs Management Center, School of Management students will receive a free $1 allocation in the default MGT-LAB purse, which is given out at the start of the academic year. A purse is a term used by the iprint@ub to refer to an account that may contain actual dollars or free quota to allow students pay for their individual print jobs. Once the free allocation in the MGT-LAB purse is expended, print jobs can only be released using personal Campus Cash purse funds.

To add money to the Campus Cash account use UB Card account management interface. The UB-provided iprint quota, allocated annually to all UB students for printing in central computer labs, is not available for use in the Management lab.

Additional computer facilities are located throughout the campus, such as those in Baldy Hall, Bell Hall, Clemens Hall and the Undergraduate Library in Capen Hall. Several of the facilities are open 24 hours a day.

Students at UB are required to have access to a computer and printer. This access goes beyond what is provided in the university’s public computing sites, the university’s My Virtual Computing Lab and School of Management’s student computer lab located in Jacobs 210. While ownership is not strictly required, most will find it essential for success in their academic pursuits. If you already own a computer or are looking to purchase a new computer, please refer to the university’s recommended computing standards, in addition to the School of Management’s requirements.

Students with personal laptops may access the network through UB’s Wireless Internet Zones on campus. The wireless network access is available on all three floors of the Jacobs Management Center and the Alfiero Center as well as across the three campuses. Students should consult with the "UB Wireless Network Access" website maintained by CIT for current standards and information.

To ensure all traffic through the wireless open ports is secure and encrypted, it is recommended that students use the wireless network eduroam as their choice for any wireless activity.

Students also have access to nine team breakout rooms in the Alfiero Center for group study and project activities. Information regarding the scheduling of a room.

Full-time MBA and MS students are covered by the University's Microsoft License Campus Agreement. Students can obtain a personal copy of the current Microsoft Office Suite available for the Windows© and/or MacIntosh © platforms. In addition, full-time MBA students are covered by the Symantec Campus license agreement that provides Symantec EndPoint Protection and Firewall software and access to update the virus definitions