Cohort Study Teams

Students are also assigned to study teams. These teams will generally be composed of five or six students with diverse backgrounds. Team assignments will be distributed during MBA Advantage.

Students are expected to use the tools they learn through MBA Advantage and in MGB 610-611 to manage the team process. Faculty who teach the cohort courses will, however, play an active role in this process by providing general advisement to the class as a whole about effective teams and will work with team mentors to provide specific advisement to teams.

  • Teams should plan to work together as assigned. Learning to work with people who have different styles, attitudes, aptitudes, etc., is part of the experiential learning associated with cohort systems.

However, due to the possibility of problems:

  • Second-year student mentors will be assigned to each team and will help facilitate team processes.
  • Students, of course, may seek informal advisement from cohort faculty, other management faculty, or the Graduate Programs Office staff at any time.