Registration, Course Information and Schedule

The Graduate Programs Office staff will register all MBA students for the fall semester by late August (except for International students, you will be registered after arrival). If you need to be registered earlier for any purpose, let the Graduate Programs Office staff know, and we can accommodate you. We may, however, need to adjust your schedule depending on your final team assignment and therefore cannot guarantee that a final schedule will be reflected

Course Information

The UB MBA program is a team-based program. Therefore, you will automatically be registered for all core courses and assigned to a five-person or six-person team. Students are guaranteed a spot in the core MBA courses and will be registered for 15 credits in late August. Only after you are registered will a bill be generated.

Core courses:

You will be registered by late August for the core courses (15 credits) listed below:

  • MGA 603 Financial Accounting for Managers (2 credits)
  • MGB 610 Organizational Behavior (2 credits)
  • MGB 611 Team Skills (1 credit)
  • MGF 611 Financial Analysis for Managers (2 credits)
  • MGO 658 Entrepreneurship Foundations (1.5 credits)
  • MGG 635 Management Communication (1.5 credits)
  • MGM 615 Marketing for Managers (2 credits)
  • MGQ 608 Statistical Analysis for Managers (2 credits)
  • MGQ 609 Analytics for Managers (1 credit)
  • MGG 600 MBA Advantage Discussion Group (0 credit)

Dual degree students and combined degree (engineering and management):

If you need to be registered for management courses for financial aid purposes, please contact Julia Braun, MBA Advisor, in the  Graduate Programs Office, 716-(645)-3204.