Congratulations on your acceptance to the UB School of Management's MBA program.

The checklist and resource links below will help you with your transition. If you need additional help, contact the Graduate Programs Office. We look forward to meeting you at MBA Advantage in August.

Admissions Action Items

  1. Tuition deposit - Your person number is required to pay your deposit. We will email you instructions to retrieve your UB person number from your Application Status Portal. You can then log into the Epay system and pay your deposit with a credit card.
  2. Transcripts
  3. Contact the Graduate Programs Office with any email or mailing address updates
  4. Immunization requirements
  5. Student medical insurance
  6. Additional steps for international students
  7. Register for the Accepted Student Welcome Reception (details will be provided at a later date).

Resource Links

MBA Advantage Overview

It’s time to launch your graduate school experience with MBA Advantage, our more-than-orientation program that continues throughout your entire two years as a UB MBA. MBA Advantage engages you in a customized, personal development journey to enhance skills that differentiate you, and equips you with the relationships, tools and knowledge to be successful.

The MBA Advantage program, required of all students, provides you with a series of shared experiences and challenges to help establish your MBA network and define your personal goals. Please note the following dates for 2019. MBA Advantage is required. If you do not attend, you will not be able to start MBA classes.

August, MBA Year One
1-2 week experience that builds your cohort teams before you start classes, familiarizes you with the program and available opportunities, and engages you with the community.

Non-U.S. MBAs - Friday, August 14, 2020 & Monday, August 17 & Tuesday, August 18, 2020 (international students do not need to attend the UB ISSS orientation. The MBA Advantage will cover what is missed during ISSS orientation.)
All MBAs- Please hold - Wednesday, August 19 through Friday, August 21, 2020
All MBAs - Monday, August 24 through Friday, August 28, 2020  

Calendar Impact: All UB MBAs are required to attend all Advantage sessions. Please plan your arrival calendar accordingly, based on the above dates. We will update this page on a regular basis, so please check back frequently for potential changes.

Billing Impact: There will be an MBA Advantage Fee of $1,300 US on your First Semester Tuition and Fees bill from the University. This fee will cover your entire two years’ worth of MBA Advantage. There will be no additional MBA Advantages. Please plan your funding accordingly.

Fall Semester, MBA Year One
You will work with an Academic Advisor and Career Advisor to customize and develop your academic journey. The student-run Graduate Management Association (GMA) also provides important information and opportunities to help you achieve success as an MBA student. We will register you for MGG600, which will then be in your Fall Semester course schedule on either a Monday or a Wednesday.

Spring Semester, Year One
Prior to the beginning of classes, you will participate in a two-day semester kick-off focused on your career development on January 21 & 22, 2021.

Fall Semester, Year Two
At the start of your fall semester, you will participate in an MBA Advantage event designed to enhance key skills needed as you focus on your job search.