Country Forums

Country Forum

Country Forums provide students with insights to the different countries represented in the MBA program.

Student speakers discuss their experiences with their fellow MBAs from their perspective. Students are encouraged to reveal today’s business world through the eyes of a native of another country. The student presenters share history, culture, business practices, current issues and a sampling of food and drinks from their home country. Some of the countries that have been represented at the Country Forums are: Algeria, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Korea, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Singapore, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey and the U.S.

What participants are saying...

"Presenting at a Country Forum was a great opportunity to introduce my country to my classmates. Not only were so many of them interested in the different cultures, but I also learned there are various perspectives to look at into my own culture."

Ellen Wang
Country Forum presenter
MBA class of 2010

"Country Forum was a great opportunity for me to introduce my country to everyone else in the MBA program, giving them a glimpse of life in Indonesia."

Andrew Widjaja
Country Forum presenter
MBA class of 2010

"Country Forums are really nice events and are of great value for the MBA students. The forums give students the opportunities to learn and understand more about other students and help them create a better relationship with the students attending the forum. They are very interesting, informative and relaxing, and the food is a plus too."

Dana K Szczepaniak
Country Forum attendee
MBA class of 2011