MBA Concentration Quick Guide

For course titles and descriptions, refer to the MBA and MS Handbook.

UB MBA Core Requirements

First year - fall First year - spring
MGA 603 Financial Accounting for Managers (2 credits) MGA 605 Accounting for Management Decision Making (2 credits)
MGB 610 Organizational Behavior
(2 credits)
MGE 604 Business Economics
(2 credits)
MBG 611 Team Skills (1 credit) MGO 620 Operations Management
(2 credits)
MGF 611 Financial Analysis for Managers (2 credits) MGO 640 Business Strategy
(2 credits)
MGO 695 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (1.5 credits) MGS 605 IT Management (2 credits)
MGG 635 Management Communication (1.5 credits) Electives (5 or 6 credits recommended)
MGM 615 Marketing for Managers
(2 credits)
*LeaderCORE students take MGB 666 (2 credits)
MGQ 608 Statistical Analysis for Managers (2 credits)  
MGQ 609 Analytics for Managers
(1 credit)

First year - summer

Internship - All students are required to do a credit-bearing internship as part of the 60-credit-hour requirement. You can participate in an internship over the summer or during your second year. MBA students performing academically below a GPA of 3.0 are not eligible to participate in an internship. Only one 3-credit internship will count toward the MBA graduation requirement. You may be waived from the internship requirement if you possess prior full-time professional experience at the managerial level in a relevant business setting. This includes managing people and/or projects for a minimum of one year, post bachelor's degree. To be considered, incoming MBAs must submit their résumé to the Career Resource Center for review by the Internships and Experiential Learning staff. Waivers do not excuse the three elective credits otherwise required; students must replace waived internship credits with another 3-credit class.                                                     

Second year - fall Second year - spring
Elective (or Internship)  Elective (13 credits recommended)
Electives (15 credits recommended) MGO 642 Integration of Business Functions (1 credit)
*LeaderCORE students take MGB 667 (2 credits) MGO 644 Business Practice (1 credit)

UB MBA Concentration Requirements

Non-School of Management courses require a petition to count toward MBA credit requirement. See you academic adivsor.

Data Analytics (five courses)

MGG 633 Modeling Managerial Processes (spring of first year)
MGM 675 Marketing Analytics for Data Driven Decision Making (fall of second year)

Summer between first and second year (on your own with proof of completion):
Non-credit bridge courses - Basic SAS (base certificate), Basic R, programming

Two electives from below:
MGF 637, MGF 696, MGH 6XX, MGS 613, MGS 616, STA 503

Finance (five courses)

MGF 633 Investment Management

Four electives from below:
MGA 632, MGF 632, MGF 634, MGF 635, MGF 636, MGF 637, MGF 638, MGF 639, MGF 641, MGF 643, MGF 644, MGF 645, MGF 646, MGF 647, MGF 656, MGF 657, MGF 658, MGF 661, MGF 675, MGF 685, MGF 690, MGF 691, MGF 696, LAW 688

Heath Care Management (five courses)

MGH 641 The Business of Health Care
MGH 642 Innovators of Health Care

Three electives from below:
MGS 632, MGS 634, MGH 648, MGH 631, MGH 632, MGH 633, MGH 634, LAW 606, MGH 647, MGH 692

Information Assurance (five courses)

MGO 650 Information Assurance (fall - must request force registration)
MGS 651 Management of Computer Networks (spring)
MGS 659 Seminar in Electronic Commerce (spring)

Two electives from below:
MGS 610, MGS 613, MGS 614, MTH 529/520, MTH 567, MGA 643 (requires accounting UG). CSE 510, CSE 512, CSE 516, CSE 527, CSE 530, CSE 605, CSE 616, LAW 696, LAW 795

Learn about the UB Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Information Assurance.

Information Systems and E-Business (seven courses)

MGS 602 Information Technology OR MGS 650 Information Assurance
(You are encouraged to take MGS 650 if you have background equivalent to MGS 602. Check with instructor.)

MGS 607 Technology Management and E-Business (spring)
MGS 613 Database Management Systems (fall)
MGS 655 Distributed Computing and Big Data Technologies (fall)
MGS 614 Data Analysis and Design (spring)
MGS 616 Predictive Analytics (spring)

One elective from below:
MGS 651 Management of Computer Networks OR MGS 659 Seminar in Electronic Commerce 

If you are interested in completing IS and E-Business as a second concentration, you can earn the concentration certificate by completing MGS 607 plus four MIS courses. These courses must include MGS 602 or MGS 650, MGS 613 and MGS 614. In addition, you must complete one of the following: MGS 616, MGS 651, MGS 655, MGS 659.

International Management (four courses)

MGF 685 International Financial Management (fall)
MGO 633 Supply Chain and Global Operations (spring)
MGM 683 International Marketing (spring)

One elective from below:
MGO 680, MGO 685, GEO 531

Management Consulting (four courses)

MGG 650 Consulting Practices (spring)

Three electives from below:
MGB 620 Team Mentor Program (fall)
MGB 666 and 667 Leadership Development I and II count as one elective (4 credits) (LeaderCORE students only)
MGG 633 Modeling Managerial Processes
MGG 640 Theory and Practice of Negotiations
MGO 634 Project Management

Marketing Management (four courses)

MGM 667 Marketing Research (spring)
MGM 651 Consumer Behavior (fall)

Two electives from below:
MGM 656, MGM 659, MGM 664, MGM 670, MGM 671, MGM 683

Supply Chain and Operations Management (five courses)*

MGO 631 Production and Inventory Planning (fall)
MGO 633 Supply Chain and Global Operations (spring)
MGO 632 Strategic Quality Management (spring) or MGO 634 Project Management (fall)

Two electives from below:
MGO 617, MGO 636, MGO 637, MGO 638, IE 504, IE 506

If you do not have at least one year of qualifying work experience, you must complete an internship in a manufacturing organization or in operations management function in a service firm.