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UB MBA Study Abroad

A pioneer in the development of international business programs, the School of Management is uniquely positioned to prepare students for career success in a business world that is no longer defined by geographic or political boundaries.

Our history of innovation abroad includes launch and operation of the first U.S.-accredited MBA programs in Singapore and China, as well as development and delivery of management education programs in Latvia and Hungary. In the classroom, the school's international presence lends a compelling global backdrop to courses taught within our MBA program.

Classroom Diversity

The international flavor of our MBA program is augmented by the contributions of our international students, who make up one-third of our student body. Your classmates will include men and women from around the globe whose diverse backgrounds and career goals will make for enlightening interactions both in and out of the classroom.

Study-Abroad Programs and International Internships

Our MBA program also offers opportunities for students to spend a semester or summer abroad through one of our formal exchange programs. Students can earn up to 12 elective credits at a number of institutions through exchanges arranged by the Study Abroad program.  

In some cases students have had the opportunity to secure international internships, facilitated through these exchange programs, or arranged with the assistance of our Career Resource Center. These internships provide students who desire a career in international business, either in the U.S. or overseas, with a competitive advantage in the global job market.

While these options are available, international study may ideally be undertaken during undergraduate years.  For MBAs, in most cases, the only viable semester to spend overseas is fall of the second year. However, that is a prime timeframe for job hunting and corporate interviews so a student must consider the trade-offs inherent in possibly being out of the country during that semester. A summer experience may be possible and everyone should consider the China trip in January of their second year.