2+2 MBA

What is the 2+2 MBA?

The 2+2 MBA is a selective, deferred admissions program specifically for rising and current college seniors. Students apply and receive admission during their senior year and, if admitted, enter the full-time UB MBA program after completing two years of professional work experience. Upon graduating from college, admitted 2+2 students spend two years working in a professional, UB MBA approved, position in the public, private or nonprofit sector. The 2+2 program attracts accomplished seniors from all fields of study.

Are you eligible to apply?

The UB MBA is seeking candidates who are innovative thinkers and have demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills. Regardless of your undergraduate degree field, if you are interested in pursuing a professional career in any industry in which management and/or leadership skills are desired, we encourage you to apply. If you are in your final year of undergraduate study, you are eligible to apply to the 2+2 program. The 2+2 program is an option for domestic students only.

Application Process

To be considered for the 2+2 program and the UB MBA Class of 2021 (entering fall 2019), you should be in your final year of study, apply and submit all required admissions materials by the final June 1, 2017 admissions deadline. Contact the Graduate Programs Office with additional questions.

2+2 FAQs

Q. What is the application fee?

A.  The application fee for the 2+2 MBA is $100.

Q. Is an interview required for admission to the 2+2 MBA?

A.  Yes. Interviews are invitation only and are conducted by a member of the admissions team. If you are invited to an interview, you must participate to complete the application process.

Q. Will the 2+2 MBA guarantee me a job after earning my undergraduate degree and before enrolling in the MBA program?

A.  No. You are responsible for securing employment for at least two years after graduating from your undergraduate institution. You are expected to leverage your career services offered at your undergraduate instititution as a primary resource.

Q. Is there a list of approved or recommended companies to work for during the required pre-MBA work experience?

A.  No. As an admitted 2+2 student, you have the flexibility to explore career opportunities in a multitude of industries as long as your position helps develop your professional and leadership skills.

Q. When I come to UB, will I (and other admitted 2+2 students) be part of a separate program?

A.  No. Once you are enrolled as a 2+2 student and begin your MBA experience on campus, you will be integrated into the School of Management community with all other UB MBA students.