Health Care Management Concentration

The objective of the health care management concentration is to prepare MBA students for significant responsibilities as professional managers in health care organizations, including hospitals, long-term care facilities and insurance companies.

The combination of an MBA education with specialized training in health care management is a valuable asset to graduates seeking to contribute to an increasingly competitive, complex and demanding sector.  

Developed in direct response to a regional study that included face-to-face interviews with health care leaders, the concentration focuses on filling needs for clinical leadership, innovative approaches to industry challenges, health analytics, health informatics and the tie between quality and cost. The concentration also is important to the school's role in Realizing UB 2020 and enables the school to offer a defined cluster of classes for students working toward health science degrees—including MD, DDS, MPH, nursing and PharmD—or those already employed as clinicians or health care managers pursuing a Professional MBA.

Concentration requirements:

The Health Care concentration requires five courses total (15 credits), MGH 641, MGH 642, and three electives from the courses listed under the electives tab.

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MGH 641SEM Business of Health Care

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Spring 2018

MGH 642SEM Innovators in Health Care

The class will focus on the major challenges facing the healthcare industry and innovative solutions being developed across the country. We will start with the qualities of the innovator and how they can be learned; we will then move on to an in-depth look at major innovation evaluation models, with specific focus on innovations in hospitals, physician practice, chronic disease, and personal health.

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Fall 2018