Printing with iprint@ub

Printing in the Jacobs lab is managed by iprint@ub software that helps to reduce paper waste and provide convenience to students.

Printing in the Jacobs lab is managed by iprint@ub software that helps to reduce paper waste and provide convenience to students.

Lab Printers and Cost of Printing

There are two printers available in the Jacobs computer lab. They are located in the lab consultant's office in Jacobs Management Center, room 210A, which is the room inside the Jacobs lab.

The default printer is setup to print duplex (two-sided printing) and it costs 4 cents per page side. When manually switched to print simplex (one-sided printing) on the main printer, it costs 5 cents per page.

Another printer is available for printing individual résumé documents, which allows for manual paper feed. The printer prints simplex only and cost is 5 cents per page. To print on personal résumé paper, a student must first submit a print job to the résumé printer from one of the lab computers, load personal paper into the résumé printer in Jacobs 210A and release their résumé print job using the Release Station in the consultant's office.

iprint Release Stations

There are two iprint release stations in the Jacobs lab that must be used to pay for prints and to release print jobs to the printers. After authenticating with individual UBIT name and password, students can see a list of queued print job and check their individual iprint purse balances.  One release station is located in corner of the front room in the lab and is labeled “iprint Release Station.” The second release station is located in the lab consultant's office on the table near the office entrance. The lab consultant on duty will distribute the printouts.

Free Print Quota

Upon the initial login onto a lab computer in 210 Jacobs Management Center, School of Management students will receive a free 1$ allocation in the default MGT-LAB purse, which is given out once for the entire academic year. A purse is a term used by the iprint@ub to refer to an account that may contain actual dollars or free quota to allow students pay for their individual print jobs. Purse funds cannot be combined. Once the free allocation in the MGT-LAB purse is expended, print jobs can only be released using personal Campus Cash purse funds. The MGT-LAB purse does not contain any real dollars and is not transferable or redeemable.

Campus Cash

Once the free MGT-LAB quota is used, students can release print jobs in the lab using their personal Campus Cash account. To add money to the Campus Cash account, use the UB Card account management interface.

Problem Printing Using iprint

Talk to a consultant on duty in Jacobs 210A regarding any Jacobs lab print-related issue. A consultant has tools to reprint a file at no additional cost to you but only if your document was damaged or missing by iprint printing process after you had paid for the document printing in full. We can only reprint your original document from the printer queue. Your document remains on the print server queue for only 24 hours, so time is of the essence. This reprint service is not available if the problem is caused by anything other than a printer malfunction (e.g., a poor-quality original source).