School of Management Student Fee

To continue to offer the high-quality programs and services School of Management students need and expect, the current budget climate mandates that students be charged a special fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have a fee?

Resources that the school receives through tuition dollars are earmarked for instructional purposes and are insufficient to cover the full set of essential services the School of Management offers its students. Therefore, to continue to offer, and enhance, the level of services that students receive, we continue to charge this fee. Our goals at the UB School of Management include helping to strategically position students for success in today’s global marketplace.

How is the fee be used?

The fee enables long-term, strategic investment in the Career Resource Center (CRC) to allow the school to continue to provide outstanding service to students in three key areas: job search and career development support, student outreach and advisement, and external outreach and opportunity development. The fee also helps to fund the Undergraduate Learning and Community Center.

Why are these services important?

The School of Management is the only academic unit at UB to offer a full-range of career services exclusively to our own majors, a significant benefit that has given our students a considerable advantage, as evidenced by the CRC’s multiple rankings in The Wall Street Journal as one of the world’s top-5 career centers. These services are critical not only while the job market for new graduates is very tight, but also as a strategic investment that allows us to work collaboratively to position our graduates to maintain a competitive advantage.  

Who is charged the fee?

The fee is charged to any matriculating undergraduate student with an approved major in accounting or business administration as well as to graduate students enrolled in the school's full-time MBA program and Master of Science programs. Fees are not prorated for part-time status and they are not altered based on in-state or out-of-state status.

Can students request a waiver of the fee?

Students on an official leave from our programs but still registered in the university can ask to have the fee removed, and access to the related CRC resources also will be removed. Students also may request that the fee be removed because they are not on-campus (study abroad, for example). If a student obtains approval to get the UB comprehensive fee waived via the process outlined at the Student Accounts website, we will remove the School of Management fee as well.

What if a student changes his or her major?

Requests for fee removal based on changes to major will be considered on an individual basis. Students must notify the school if they change their official major after the billing period begins so the fee can be removed.

Is the fee included in the cost of attendance for financial aid purposes?

This fee is added to tuition and other fees to determine a student’s total cost of attendance for financial aid. Questions about financial aid should be directed to 1Capen.

Whom should students contact to obtain a fee waiver?

Contacts for fee waiver/removal are as follows:

Where can students get more information on the programs supported by the School of Management Auxiliary Services Fee?

Visit the School of Management Career Resource Center.