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Job and Internship Search

Recruitment Process
The following guide will provide you with information on the Career Resource Center's Recruitment Process.
Internship Resources
An internship, practicum or a summer position are essential to your career success.
Job Opportunities
These job opportunities are available exclusively to current students of the School of Management and dues paying alumni.
Job Fairs and Events
Descriptions of some of the most prominent recruiting events that UB students are eligible to attend.
Managing Job Offers and Compensation Negotiation
Information regarding offers and compensation.
Networking Opportunities and Resources
Through the Career Resource Center and the UB School of Management, students have a variety of networking opportunities with local and national employers and alumni.
Search Firms
As you conduct your job search, you will find that some employers hire third-party organizations, or search firms , to assist them in identifying and hiring candidates. Refer to the Student's Guide to Interviewing With Third-Party Recruiters and Employment Agencies.