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Electronic Résumés

In today’s job market, many employers use electronic systems, known as applicant tracking systems (ATS) to review and screen résumés. ATS software comes under many brand names and is used by companies to electronically track job candidates, review résumés and begin their selection process. Generally, when you are applying online and submitting your résumé electronically it is going through an applicant tracking system. And the software will do the initial screening, not a person. That is why a clean and neat résumé is so important. 

In addition, be clear about your skills. The system will be using a keyword type of search to review your résumé for specific qualifications. For instance, if an employer is looking for Microsoft Excel and you only use the words Microsoft Office, then your résumé would not be included if they do a keyword search on Excel.

Electronic Résumé Tips

Résumé Workshop

These tools will help you become aware of the important features of an American-style résumé. Based on years of feedback from corporate recruiters, we will show you what to include as well as what not to include. We will also demonstrate how to make the most of your experience.