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CRC Cover Letter Guide

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Personalize Each Letter

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Focus on the Reader

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Three Types of Résumé Cover Letters

  1. "Cold" letter to prospective employer

    This is an unsolicited letter and typically not addressed to a specific contact, which receives little attention from a busy reader. Avoid this when possible and turn it into a "warm" letter by referencing a speaker, newspaper article, etc.

  2. "Warm" letter (in relation to a advertisement or referral)

    This type of letter is sent when someone known to the reader has suggested that you make contact, or when the reader has requested/invited candidates to respond. It is always addressed to a specific contact with the correct title.

    • Newspaper Ad
    • Internet Ad
    • Personal Referral
  3. "Hot" letter

    A decision maker within an organization or a close source has requested that you make contact.

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A Cover Letter Should Include the Following Elements

Heading Information

Introduction/Statement of Purpose (First paragraph)

Summary of Qualifications (Should be limited to one or two paragraphs)

Request for Response (Final paragraph)


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Cover Letter Tips

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Other Types of Job Search-Related Letters

Thank You Letter (After Interview)

Networking Letter

Acceptance Letter

Rejection of Offer Letter

Thank You Letter (After hire as a follow-up to those who helped with job search)

Resignation Letter

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Career Resource Center Cover Letter Template

Once you read the guide above, use one of the appropriate Career Resource Center Cover Letter Template links below for help in formatting your letter:

 BS Cover Letter Template #1
 BS Cover Letter Template #2

 MBA Cover Letter Template #1 
 MBA Cover Letter Template #2

(Note: Each of the CRC's Cover Letter Template styles above corresponds with a similarly styled Résumé Template for BS students, MBA students and MS Students)

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