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How To Effectively Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Social media can provide you information and connections that are vital to your job search. You can research companies and industries, but you can also contact alumni who work at a company to learn even more.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site where millions of professionals connect. This platform provides the largest opportunity to market yourself and expand your personal network. Your LinkedIn profile provides a visible, online résumé that your contacts, including potential employers, can view.

Have a complete and robust profile

Request recommendations from your previous supervisors and co-workers

Grow your network

Using LinkedIn to Search for a Job

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter can be just as effective in your job search as Linked In. These two platforms are traditionally used more socially than professionally, so it is very important to be aware of your online presence and the image you are projecting.

More Information and Resources

When used effectively and appropriately, social media can be one of your most valuable resources for career search and development. Use as many tools and resources as you can to become a pro at social media networking.