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This program is designed to provide you with comprehensive and coordinated opportunities for career development, emphasizing interpersonal and social skills required for success in business.

Career Passport

Determining whether or not you need a concentration is a career decision, and it is primarily related to how you will market yourself in the job search. By focusing your career path you are better able to plan and reach your career goals.

Undergraduate Concentration

Employers want MBAs who have emotional intelligence but also a focused interest on a position, company and industry. Use this resource to evaluate whether you need an MBA concentration to reach your career goals.

MBA Concentration

In what industry and geographic market does your dream job exist? Who are you competing against? What skills and experience do you need to stand out as a candidate? Do the research to know the market.

Know the Job Market

Build your own MBA blueprint to better understand where you are in relation to reaching your career goals, devise action steps in order to make progress, and be more strategic in working toward your MBA goal of better employment.

MBA Blueprint

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Good interview techniques will help you leverage your skills and experience to land the job you are seeking. Learn to prepare responses for traditional and behavior-based interview questions, find guidelines for professional attire and more.

Interview: Leverage Your Skills

A good résumé is a critical tool for use in pursuing your career goals. Use the CRC resources to create an effective résumé that will get you to the next step, the interview.

Résumé: Highlight Your Skills and Experience

Take the time to express your interest and show how your experience can add value to the prospective employer in a way that lets the employer envision you as part of their team.

Cover Letter: Show You Can Add Value

Today, it is more important than ever to make yourself stand out. Learn ways to tell your personal story and communicate your brand to peers, supervisors, potential employers and business contacts.

Personal Branding

Attend live sessions or view digital workshops to develop your skills. Topics covered include interviewing, networking, writing résumés and cover letters, and preparing for a job fair.


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