Recruitment Process

The following guide will provide you with information on the Career Resource Center's Recruitment Process. Please read this section carefully.

On-Campus Recruiting

Many employers contact the Career Resource Center and schedule a campus visit to interview and recruit candidates for employment at a later date. For example, a company will often conduct interviews in October or November to hire candidates for employment after graduation in May or to hire candidates for summer internships.

Students learn of these employment opportunities by closely monitoring opportunities available on BizLink.

Interested candidates can upload their résumé to their documents section of BizLink for each position posted. This enables you to customize your résumé for each position. Students are able to save multiple résumés. Instructions for the application process are included in each job posting. The résumés are forwarded to the employers once the deadline has passed. Résumé due dates are listed on each posting. They are typically due about three weeks prior to the campus visit.

Employers pre-select which candidates they wish to interview during their scheduled campus visit and notify candidates (through a BizLink email)--usually about seven to 10 days before their visit.

BizLink will send an email to those students who have been selected to interview. No notification is sent to students not selected for on-campus interviews.

Selected students sign up for interview time slots through BizLink.  They are responsible to be at the CRC (308 Alfiero Center) prepared for the interview and dressed professionally for the time and date scheduled.

Key points regarding on-campus recruitment:

  • Candidates must upload their résumé and follow any remaining application instructions for each position by 11:59 p.m. on the résumé due date.
  • If additional materials are requested (personal data sheets, transcripts, etc.), instructions for submitting them will be included in the job posting
  • Most employers participate in on-campus recruitment to maximize the efficiency of their hiring process. Therefore, unless specifically requested in the job posting, do not include a cover letter for on-campus recruitment. (Note: It is appropriate, however, to include a cover letter when applying for an immediate opening)
  • NOTE: Students who do not show up for an on-campus interview will have their BizLink accounts suspended

Off-Campus Recruiting

If a job opportunity is listed as a Résumé Collect, the process is very similar to the On-Campus process above. The Career Resource Center collects résumés from students and forwards them to employers. The difference is that employers will interview selected candidates at an employer-designated location and will contact candidates directly.

Immediate Openings

For regular job opportunities, employers typically seek candidates who can begin work as soon as possible. But some employers will post positions well in advance of graduation. Read the job posting carefully for start date information. If employers want an immediate start, candidates should apply only if they are less than four to six weeks away from graduation, or if they are flexible to start a new position while still attending classes. Interested candidates submit résumés, cover letters and any other requested material through BizLink for immediate consideration. Mailing addresses, contact names and titles and special requirements are listed on individual job postings. Companies may contact those candidates they wish to interview. The CRC does not coordinate on-campus interview schedules when a position is listed as a regular job posting. In addition to full-time positions, job postings can also be part-time and internship opportunities for students to expand their marketability.

Employer Information Sessions

Employers who wish to build a campus presence often hold information sessions for students. Candidates can receive valuable information about employers and prospective permanent and summer positions by attending these sessions. This information often gives candidates an added advantage when they interview with that employer and it's a great opportunity to meet and network with professionals from that company. Employer Information Sessions may be sponsored by student organizations, the CRC, or both. While most sessions are open to all interested students, some are open only to candidates selected to interview with that employer. Postings for employer information sessions can be viewed through the Events tab in BizLink.  For candidates who have been selected to interview with an employer, it is strongly recommended (and often mandatory) that you attend an information session for that employer, if one is being held.

Note: In addition to the Career Resource Center, which serves School of Management students and employers exclusively, many opportunities are available to School of Management students through UB Career Services (259 Capen Hall on the North Campus). We strongly urge you to register with Career Services to broaden your options and to avoid missing valuable opportunities.