In the News

Sept-22-2016 — A Fortune article reports on "The End of Accounting," a new book co-authored by Feng Gu, chair and associate professor in the Accounting and Law Department, that argues U.S. accounting rules are outdated and distort the performance of the knowledge economy.

Sept-12-2016 — A Fast Company article reports on School of Management research that suggests that in collaborative work environments where women are outnumbered, they often emerge as the natural group leader, and quotes Jim Lemoine, assistant professor of organization and human resources.

Sept-09-2016 — A Washington Post article about an investigation into Wells Fargo, which found employees set up 2 million fake accounts to receive bonuses, quotes Sudhir Suchak, clinical assistant professor of finance, who spent 30 years at British bank HSBC.

Aug-2-2016 — A story in Entrepreneur reported on research by Jim Lemoine, assistant professor of organization and human resources, that found even successful organizations with plenty of resources became inefficient when management set unrealistic goals.

July-12-2016 — Courtney Walsh, assistant dean of executive education, was quoted in an article on U.S. News and World Report about the increasing popularity of online mini-MBA programs.