In the News

Jan-16-2017 — Lewis Mandell, professor emeritus of finance, was quoted in an Associated Press column about retirement advice, which appeared in media worldwide, including the New York Times and Washington Post.

Dec-11-2016 — The Wall Street Journal featured research by Indranil Goswami, assistant professor marketing, that found nonprofits should tailor their suggested donation amounts to their fundraising campaign goals and their donors.

Nov-21-2016 — Indranil Goswami and Charles Lindsey, assistant professor and associate professor of marketing, respectively, offered advice for consumers on identifying bargains from marketing ploys for WalletHub's Black Friday shopping guide.

Oct-29-2016 — Michael Dambra, assistant professor of accounting and law, was quoted in an Associated Press article, which ran in newspapers across the country, about pension cuts 35,000 New York Teamsters union members were facing in order to bail out their pension fund.

Oct-19-2016 — Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing, was quoted in a Washington Post article about how much revenue from the sale of pink gear at professional and high school athletic events goes toward breast cancer research.