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July-9-2017 — Research on narcissism and leadership by Emily Grijalva, assistant professor of organization and human resources, was cited by Psychology Today in a story about conflicting trends that show an increase in both toxic leaders and leaders who are kind.

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June-23-2017 — An article on CBS News cited research by Michael Dambra, assistant professor of accounting and law, that found the MAP-21 act isn’t stimulating the investment and job creation promised by its proponents.

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May-03-2017 — Lewis Mandell, professor emeritus of finance, was featured in a WalletHub story about zero APR business credit cards.

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Apr-11-2017 — Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing, wrote an article for Fortune, arguing that United Airlines missed the chance to save its reputation because of the company's poor response to a viral video that showed a passenger being dragged off a plane.

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Mar-9-2017 — Cristian Tiu, associate professor of finance, was quoted in articles in Bloomberg and the Financial Times about how colleges should use multiple factors when comparing endowment gains.