Make a positive impact on business—and society

Social impact fellows.

Engagement with impact

We are a tenacious community of doers, who work together to innovate and tackle problems using our research, ideas and skills.


Leadership lessons

Through our Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, our leadership experts put their research into practice. CLOE has supported a Buffalo Public Schools health and wellness initiative, helped a senior care organization devise a long-term change strategy, and led workshops to develop better leaders in organizations of all types and sizes. 

The power of money skills

MoneySkill students in a classroom.

Nationally, the average teenager lacks basic personal finance skills, so we’ve teamed up with M&T Bank to help. Through our partnership, more than 20,000 local high school students — and counting — have improved their financial literacy through MoneySKILL®, a free curriculum developed by Professor Emeritus Lewis Mandell. 

Real-world learning

From the classroom to the boardroom, our students seize a growing array of opportunities for experiential learning with corporate partners and community organizations, allowing them to apply and hone their skills — and make a real impact on the world around them.


Making an impact with data

Undergrads in Dianna Cichocki’s data science course solve business problems at area organizations. One recent team used data analytics to create dashboards the Olmsted Center for Sight now uses to identify trends and make decisions to better support clients in need.

MBAs on a mission

Daniel Franasiak, MBA ’18, Alexandra McLeod, MBA ’17, and Adhiraj Singh Rathore, MBA ’17, at Diversified Labor Solutions.

The pro bono, student-run UB MBA Consulting Group completes ambitious projects for small businesses and nonprofits. From developing a strategic marketing plan to proposing a new social enterprise, MBAs put their skills to the test and help the organizations advance their missions. 

Executives in residence

The School of Management is home to several executives in residence, leaders who leverage their extensive experience in a particular industry to enhance the school’s programs, provide real-world learning opportunities for students and connect the school with top organizations in their respective fields.

Bringing business and society together

We foster a vibrant, inclusive and intellectually stimulating environment, where students, faculty and partners from business and other disciplines come together to inspire one another, achieve more and realize their full potential.


Examining important issues

Through our Business and Society speakers series, nationally renowned faculty, alumni and experts share their perspectives on such critical issues as affordable health care, pension funds and inclusive leadership.

Startup success

Researchers in a lab.

Through the Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, UB students from science, business, technology and other disciplines turn their game-changing ideas into viable businesses — and compete for $60,000 in funding and services. Recent winner POP Biotechnologies is poised to save lives with its vaccine enhancements and chemotherapy treatment.