Create a School of Management with world-class capabilities

Students in the Undergraduate Learning and Community Center.

Develop global leaders

The School of Management, through its Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, partnered with the African Rights Initiative International to launch the Global Center for Leadership and Social Innovation in Ghana. Now, we're working together to deliver much-needed education and leadership skills development in Africa. Up next, we hope to build partnerships to replicate this successful model, creating similar centers around the world.

Build a culture of philanthropy

Philanthropy helps us fund opportunities for our ambitious students to test their ideas, take the lead and become part of the global business world. Gifts from our dedicated alumni and friends provide hands-on learning experiences, nurture students’ entrepreneurial drive and help us make an impact in our community — and beyond.


Connection to excellence

Maureen Erokwu, an MBA student, in the Alfiero Center.

Through a unique academic corporate philanthropy partnership, outstanding full-time MBA candidates receive a full-tuition scholarship and specialized career development benefits.

A million ways to say thanks

E. Han Kim, PHD '75.

As a graduate student choosing a PhD program decades ago, E. Han Kim, PhD ’75, took a risk that paid off. Which is why he gave back — a $1 million gift — to the place he bet on: the UB School of Management.

Surviving the unexpected

Eveeta Bajracharya.

While Eveeta Bajracharya, MBA ’16, was studying here, her home, family and business in Nepal were devastated by a massive earthquake. As Eveeta and her family worked to rebuild, a donor-funded scholarship helped relieve some stress — a gift worth more than dollars.

Grow research resources

As our researchers and experts question theories and make startling discoveries, external funding from federal and state agencies, foundations and industry is critical. Right now, our faculty are using these resources to investigate cyberinfrastructure, risk management financial systems, how to improve patient outcomes using social media — and much more.


Advancing cloud computing

NSF Logo.

Faculty members Sanjukta Das Smith and Ram Ramesh, along with UB engineering professor Chunming Qiao, earned grants from Google and the National Science Foundation to study the availability, performance and reliability of cloud computing.

Defending against cyber-attacks

Students at a cybersecurity summer camp.

Professors Laura Amo and David Murray led a weeklong cybersecurity camp for middle and high school students, thanks to contributions from several organizations.

Expand alumni engagement

Look closely in virtually any corner of the world and you will find successful alumni from the UB School of Management. We offer many ways for our 41,000 graduates to stay involved, and we strive to expand opportunities for engagement, especially outside of Western New York.


One night, 100 alumni – big impact

Read how 100 alumni gathered to network, reconnect and make a powerful contribution to their alma mater.

Smart business practices

Throughout the year, the School of Management Alumni Association offers professional development seminars for our alumni and the community. At these seminars, our faculty experts bring their research into the real world, providing useful takeaways that allow attendees to apply new knowledge to their careers and organizations.

Communicate our brand

At the UB School of Management, we are a vibrant and inclusive community where ambition is a virtue, tenacity is a given, and discovery happens everywhere, from the classroom to the boardroom. We continuously seek new ways to tell our authentic story and strengthen how we communicate our brand.


Here is how.
  • Capture and communicate our distinct mission and culture
  • Define and differentiate our approach to the challenges facing our city, state, nation and planet
  • Make who we are as an institution known, felt and understood
  • Build pride and inspire faculty, staff, students and alumni