Global Positioning for a World of Business


Our goal at the University at Buffalo School of Management is to help strategically position you—our students, our business partners, our alumni—for success in today's global marketplace.

We do this by:

  • Helping students find their place in the world
  • Providing business professionals with the tools they need to move to the next stages of their careers
  • Assisting seasoned executives as they give their companies a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace
  • Establishing a lifelong connection with our graduates worldwide and helping them connect with each other
  • Demonstrating thought leadership in both academic research and management practice throughout the world

Since 1923, the School of Management has built an impressive reputation as one of the best schools of business in the world. The comprehensive range of our academic portfolio, the expertise of our faculty and the worldwide success of our graduates are the primary reasons for the school’s acclaim. With an internationally renowned faculty and a diverse student body, we offer a wealth of programs both locally and abroad.

Global positioning for a world of business means we can help you prepare for success like never before.