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Alfiero Center Named Spaces and Amenities

Featured in the Alfiero Center are numerous named spaces or amenities, likely making it the most broadly supported facility on campus. They are listed below, along with the individuals or corporations who made them possible.

Named Space or Amenity



J. Grant and Marcia S. Hauber Commons 1st Floor J. Grant, BS ’48, and Marcia S. Hauber
Clement Café 1st Floor Frank, BS ’66, and Marilyn Clement
Frank J. Colantuono Campaign for UB Recognition Wall 1st Floor Frank J. Coluntuono, MBA ’77
Raymond A. Lenhardt Announcement Board 1st Floor Raymond A. Lenhardt, BS ’69, MBA ’72
H. William Lichtenberger Lecture Hall 1st Floor H. William Lichtenberger, MBA ’66
John R. and Linda A. Percival Stock Board 1st Floor John R., BA ’67, MBA ’69, PhD ’73, and Linda A. Percival
MarySue French Undergraduate Mezzanine 2nd Floor MarySue French, BS ’80
Ernst & Young Study Center 2nd Floor Lisa Filomia-Aktas ’84, MBA ’85, George Brooks, JD ’86, Steven Diamond, JD ’88, Stephen Ferguson ’84, Keith Feuz ’93, James Frank ’78, Gary Koster ’84, John Martinkat ’90 and Srikant Nagaraj, MBA ’91
Professor Ronald J. Huefner Conference Room 203 Mark E. Zmijewski, BS ’76, MBA ’81, PhD ’83
David F. Simon, BS ’74, Conference Room 206 David F. Simon, Esq., BS ’74
Michael and Catherine Murray Mezzanine 3rd Floor Michael, BS ’75, MBA ’85, and Catherine Murray
Professor James R. Meindl Conference Room 308 Friends and Family of James R. Meindl
Frank L. Ciminelli Family Career Resource Center 308 Frank L. and Rosalie G. Ciminelli
Margaret Hempling McGlynn Student Resource Room 308 Margaret Hempling McGlynn, BS ’82, MBA '83
Howard D. Koening Interviewing Room 308 Howard D. Koening, BA ’74, MBA ’76
Bob and Tricia Balk Interviewing Room 308 Robert J. Balk, BS ’88
J. David Hoffman Interviewing Room 308 J. David Hoffman, BS ’85, MBA ’86
SOMAA Board Practice Interviewing Room 308 School of Management Alumni Association
Mary A. Parker Interviewing Room 308 Mary A. Parker, BS ’75
Darren Neil Willcox Interviewing Room 308 Shelby German Willcox, BS ’78, MBA ’81
Merchants Insurance Group Interviewing Room 308 Merchants Insurance Group
Oscar J. Sufrin Interviewing Room 308 Gerald Sufrin, MD
Jay and Kristine Schwartzkopf Interviewing Room 308 Jay, BS ’97, and Kristine Schwartzkopf
June W. Hoeflich Team Breakout Room 309 June W. Hoeflich, BS ’84
Burton and Mark J. Notarius Team Breakout Room 310 Burton, BS ’65, MBA ’67, and Mark J. Notarius, MBA ’01
Professor Robert L. Hagerman Team Breakout Room 311 Mark E. Zmijewski, BS ’76, MBA ’81, PhD ’83
S. Arthur Lowe Team Breakout Room 313 S. Arthur Lowe, BS ’50
Christine and Theodore Sadlouskos Team Breakout Room 314 Christine, BA, BS '92, MBA '93, and Theodore Sadlouskos
Mark Diamond Team Breakout Room 315 Stuart A. Diamond, BS '92
Irene and Frank Jellinek Entrepreneurship Suite 318 Irene and Frank Jellinek, BS ’40
Perry’s Ice Cream Plaza Exterior Perry’s Ice Cream Co. Inc.

In addition to these named spaces, there are 261 named floor tiles inscribed with the names of those who donated $1,000-$9,999 to the School of Management during The Campaign for UB, as well as five trees, three named benches outside the center and two named benches inside the building.