Faculty Poets

Outside of the office, two faculty members who joined the School of Management in fall 2015 are amateur poets: Pavankumar Mulgund, clinical assistant professor of management science and systems, and Aditya Vendantam, assistant professor of operations management and strategy. Below are examples of their work.

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Bygone Year 2014



By Pavankumar Mulgund

Fleeting years come; Fleeting years go;
Resolutions get made; Resolutions get broken;
But the mundane struggles live on, As do the inconsequential desires;
Seldom comes a year that transforms one’s life for good;
Seldom comes a year when one acts out of passion and not pressure;
Seldom comes a year when one truly pursues one's heart;
Seldom comes a year when one challenges oneself to the limits;
Seldom comes a year that changes order of things;
Seldom comes a year that ushers the new dawn;
Thank you 2014, you were the epoch of my life.

A poem about writing poetry



By Aditya Vendantam

Look around you,
what do you see?
Now close your eyes,
what do you feel?

Describe it.
Ascribe it.

Take the idea,
and stretch it,
bend it,
Roll it in your mind,
Play with it,
like a small rubber ball.

Write down the gibberish,
as it comes,
Write foolish,
write stupid,
After all,
great poems are written by madmen.

no feeling,
no sentiment,
other than joy,
in expressing your mind,
whether it makes sense,
or not.

Read what you wrote,
You see it makes sense?
Now bask in its glory.
For my friend,
You have penned down an idea,
you are one among the select few,
and a person waiting,
to start anew.

They say,
that a poem is,
A literary composition written with an intensity
or beauty of language.
I say that poetry is expression of your mind.
Freedom of your mind,
or the lack of it.

Read it again,
smile in satisfaction,
and then put it up,
for the world to see.