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Honor Roll of Donors

This list recognizes annual gifts made between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016. We are grateful for each gift and make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the Honor Roll. To provide an update, contact Beth Ranney, philanthropy coordinator, at 716-645-5218 or


* Increased gift


§ Dean’s Circle member, who has commited to a gift of at least $1,923 (in honor of the school’s founding year) to the school’s annual fund for three years

Leadership Council: $25,000+

Allstate Foundation*

John R. Alm, BS ’73

Anonymous Friend

Frank H., BS ’66, and Marilyn D. Clement

Barry B. Goldstein, MBA ’80, BA ’75

Rich Family Foundation Inc.*

Fredrick B. Saia, CEL ’88, BA ’76*

Chair Circle: $10,000 - $24,999

Sachin S., MBA ’02, and Tamara Barot*

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Dr. Michael W. Cropp, EMBA ’03

Louis A. DiBerardino Jr., BS ’80

Paul F., MBA ’55, BS ’53, and Joyce A. Eckel

Ernst and Young Foundation*

Healthcare Association of Rensselaer New York*

Philip C. Kadet Sr., BA ’77*

James P. Lederer, MBA ’96, BS ’82

Larry A., BS ’78, and Leslie Leva

H. William Lichtenberger, MBA ’66

M&T Charitable Foundation

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP*

School of Management Alumni Association

Wilmington Trust NA*

Partners Club: $5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous Friend

Dr. Arjang A. Assad*

Peter M., BS ’87, and Kimberly M. Augustine, BS ’88*

Kenneth M., BS ’69, and Jane D. Barna

Gregory M., BS ’82, and Joanne M. Bauer, BS ’82*

Joseph H. Bell, EMBA ’99

Daniel E., MBA ’82, BS ’82, and Lori A. Cantara, BS ’82*

Paul F. Ciminelli, BS ’87

Donna L. DeCarolis, MBA ’83, BS ’81*

Delaware North

Edward D. Dong, EMBA ’91

Gregg S. Fisher, BS ’92*§

David E. Gaulin, MBA ’88, BS ’87*

Terese E. Kelly, MLS ’73, BA ’68

Howard D. Koenig, MBA ’76, BA ’74*

Timothy G. Mongan, BA ’87, BS ’82

Michael J., MBA ’85, BS ’75, and Catherine G. Murray

Dr. Mirdza E. Neiders, PMCRT ’74*

Sharon D. Randaccio, MBA ’81, BS ’76

William M., MBA ’68, BS ’64, and Judith A. Steul

Target Corp.*

Time Warner Cable Inc.*

Allan F. Trinkwald, BS ’78, and Judy Felong Trinkwald, BS ’78*

Steven C. Verney, MBA ’81, BS ’80

Lawrence J., MBA ’77, BA ’75, and Leslie J. Zielinski, EdM ’91

Dr. Stanley and Harriette A. Zionts, JD ’81*

Mark E. Zmijewski, PhD ’83, MBA ’81, BS ’76§

Executive Suite: $2,500 - $4,999

Joan Brown

David A. Cervi, CEL ’02*

John F. Jr., MBA ’81, BS ’80, and Terri A. Dunbar, MBA ’83, BS ’80

Richard M. Ferranti, EMBA ’97

First Niagara Bank*

Glenn A., BS ’74, and Arlene M. Fosdick*

J. David Hoffman, MBA ’86, BS ’85*

Jeffrey Jacobson, BS ’81§

E. Han Kim, PhD ’75

KPMG Foundation*

Dr. Frank J. and Susan A. Krzystofiak, BS ’86*

Philip B. Laufer, BS ’48

Cheng-Few Lee, PhD ’73, MA ’71

Martin J. Mahoney, MBA ’89, BA ’84

Margaret, MBA ’83, BS ’82, and E. Kevin McGlynn*

Gerry E., EMBA ’96, CEL ’91, and Barbara J. Murak*§

Srikant Nagaraj, MBA ’91*

JoAnne Nover*

Mark C., PMBA ’03, BS ’96, and Maria A. Rizzo, EdM ’03*

Raghu Tirumalai Santanam, PhD ’99, MS ’98, and Alka Arora, PhD ’00*

Lemma W. Senbet, PhD ’75

Anthony M. Sepci, MBA ’95, BA ’89*

Dr. John M., JD ’76, and Susan E. Thomas*

Sujata Yalamanchili, MBA ’89, BS ’88

Investor: $1,000 - $2,499

Marc A. Adler, CEL ’08, MA ’83, MBA ’82, BA ’79*

Jeffrey, BA ’99, and Marci E. Agranoff, BA ’99*

Dr. Joseph A. Alutto and Carol N. Newcomb, PhD ’96, MBA ’79

Kelly I. Amos, MS ’12, BS ’11

Alex B. Ampadu

Muriel T. Anderson, MBA ’00, BS ’87*

Stuart H. and Joyce Angert

Gwen S. Appelbaum, MBA ’01*

Lloyd E. Arakelian, BS ’89*

Howard D. Auerbach, BS ’65, and Andrew N. Baker

Gayle R. Baio, JD ’93, MBA ’94*

Thomas M. Barney, MBA ’00*

Jason I. Barocas, BS ’03*

David R. Barrett, BS ’75

Douglas C. Bean, MBA ’87§

Rick J. Bisignano, BS ’98

Jeremy M. Booth, BS ’97*

Marylou Borowiak, BS ’87*

Bryan A., EMBA ’14, BA ’00, and Jill Brauner

Rosanne M. Braxton, CEL ’09*

Michael Brenon, EMBA ’16*

Richard C. Budzich, MBA ’72, BS ’71

Christopher J. Buonafede, MBA ’96, and Joyce M. Eng-Buonafede, BA ’97*

Kenneth M. Burt, BS ’91*

James D. Buszka, BS ’95*

Dr. Hsinchun Chen, MBA ’85, and Hsiao-Hui Chow, PhD ’89*

Chia-Yen Chiu, PhD ’14

Thomas P. Cogan, MBA ’99*

Lisa A. Colten, MBA ’83, MA ’82, BA ’80

John R., MBA ’78, and Patricia Z. Connolly

James Cottrell, BS ’90*

Michael J. Christopher, BS ’60

John D. Cudmore, BS ’90

Joseph V. Curatolo, BS ’76

Robert J., EMBA ’96, and Nancy A. Dann, MBA ’98

Sherry L. DelleBovi, CEL ’01, BS ’83*

Kenneth J. Dent, BS ’76

Anthony M. DeSimone, BS ’91*

Linda E. Dickson

Norbert J., MBA ’79, BS ’78, and Laurie M. Dohn

Andrew W., BS ’73, and Teresa M. Dorn

James E. Doucette, BS ’87*

Michael L. Draves, BS ’93*

Melvin M. Dyster*

Nicholas J. Everest*

Nicholas J. Fabozzi, BS ’88

Katherine G. Ferguson, PhD ’95, MBA ’92, and Richard E. Ferguson, MD ’89, BS ’85*

Keith M. Feuz, BS ’93

Fidelis Care*

Dr. Howard G. and Laurie Foster

James K. Frank, BS ’78

Richard L. Friend, MBA ’70, BS ’68

George C. Gallagher, BS ’86

H. Wayne Gerhart, CEL ’91, and Sherill M. Sutton, CEL ’94*

James A. Giannotti, BS ’97

Arthur A. Gibson, BS ’57*

Jon D., MBA ’75, BS ’74, and L. Anne Goldman*

Joan M. Graci, CEL ’02*

Cheryl A. Hall, MBA ’90

Kathleen M. Hamm, BS ’85

Rema S. Hanash, EMBA ’16*

Leslie J. Hawkes*

HealthNow New York Inc.*

Kathleen S. Heckman, MBA ’95, BA ’92*

Anetta Hendershot, BS ’99*

Richard H. Hershman, BS ’71*

Donald Herzog, EMBA ’16*

June W. Hoeflich, BS ’84

Barbara J. Hole*

David T. Hore, BS ’87§

Michael D., BS ’95, and Karen S. Horgan*

Peter J., EMBA ’07, and Jennifer Howell

Dr. Ronald J. Huefner

Charles F. Hunt, EMBA ’15*

Robin, MBA ’82, BS ’82, and Audrey S. Hunter, MBA ’83, BS ’82

Voldemar A., MBA ’75, BS ’71, and Rudite Innus, BA ’75*

Elizabeth M., MBA ’84, and Joseph P. Ivers

Wesley F. Jablonski, MBA ’80§

Jerald M. Jacobik, BS ’03*

Bharat K. Jain, MBA ’02*

Mark A. Jauquet, EMBA ’97

Dr. Frank C. and Daisy H. Jen

Amy M. Johnson*

Gary D. Keith, MBA ’83*

Walter E., MBA ’72, BA ’70, and Linda S. Kempa, MLS ’74*

Margaret D. King, MBA ’04*

Charles Koller*

Gary G., BS ’84, and Susanne M. Koster, BA ’85

Thomas P. Kowalski, BS ’75

Steven, BS ’90, AAS ’88, and Heidi Kreit*

Jeffrey Kryszak, CEL ’02

Daniel T. Liebel, BS ’85

Dr. Winston T. and Wendy W. Lin

M&T Bank*

Matthew D. Mahoney, BS ’00

Charles W. Maxwell, BS ’72*

Daniel S., EdM ’68, MBA ’66, BA ’64, and Elaine M. May, EdM ’68, BA ’65

Brian S. McCallion, BS ’01*

Dr. Robert F. McCormack, EMBA ’14

Dale M. III, BS ’96, and Kelly L. McKim, BS ’96

Praphul, MBA ’91, and Sukanya Misra, MA ’91*

Robert J., BS ’86, and Alicia M. Morrison, BS ’91*

Timothy F., MBA ’96, BA ’94, and Kimberly Murphy

National Fuel Gas Co. Foundation

Kathleen S. Nesper, MBA ’89, BS ’81

Thanh C. Nguyen§

Erin K. O'Brien, MBA ’00, BA ’97*

Kathy R. O'Donnell, MBA ’78*

Michael D. Olear, CEL ’07, MSW ’84

Jesse P., BS ’62, and Diane G. Orsini

Ryan S. Osborne, MBA ’00, BS ’98*

Thomas A. Palmer, CEL ’00, JD ’75, MBA ’71

Dawn Paretto-Hawley, MBA ’84, BS ’76

Robert C. Patterson, MBA ’79

James L. Phipps, MBA ’85, BS ’84*

Dr. James E. Post, MBA ’71, and Dr. Jeanette A. Chirico-Post

Mamunur Rahman, MBA ’01, BS ’96

Tyler M. Ricks, MBA ’96, BA ’94*

Mary Ann Rogers, EMBA ’98, BA ’86*

Timothy E. Rogers, MBA ’80, BS ’79

Andrew B. Rosengard, BS ’79*

Steven E. Rovner, JD ’83, BS ’80

Joseph Sarkis, PhD ’92, MBA ’86, BS ’85*

James R., MBA ’88, BS ’88, and Wendy M. Savage*

Edward P., MBA ’80, and Jan Schneider

Suzanne A., BS ’64, and Dale Schoenberger*

Donald J. Schoenl, EMBA ’98, BS ’90, and Jennifer M. Zubler, MD ’95*

Susan F. Sciarra, MBA ’97

James M. Sellgren, MBA ’83§

Steven H., BS ’75, and Dr. Debra A. Shepsman, BA ’76

Cynthia M. Shore, MBA ‘82, BS ’81*

Matthew R. Silver, MS ’14, BS ’13*

David F. Simon, BS ’74§

Mindy H. Singer, BA ’61

Keith M. Stolzenburg, CEL ’99, MBA ’87, BS ’81

Dr. Paul E. Tesluk and Dr. Megan Hurley*

Jason S. Thaler

Tronconi Segarra & Associates LLP*

Mark A. Tronconi, MBA ’85, BS ’82

Patrick M. Tronconi, BS ’86

Kenneth I., BS ’72, and Deborah Tuchman

Thomas R. Ulbrich, EMBA ’06, CEL ’03*§

Robert R. Valentine, BS ’79

Dr. Connie R., EMBA ’04, MS ’97, BS ’94, and Dr. Andras J. Vari§

Ryan Nicol Joel Vaz, MS ’03, MBA ’02*

Donald J., PhD ’75, and Judith N. Vredenburgh, MBA ’75

Matthew C., BS ’03, and Nicole Wagner*§

Cynthia A. Walawander, CEL ’99, MA ’88, BA ’86*

Dr. Ted and Mary Ann Wallace, MBA ’77, BS ’74, CERT ’71

Courtney J. Walsh, MBA ’01*

Arthur & Louise Wasserman Foundation*

Ellen V. Weissman*

Nancy L. Wells*

Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program

Allan R. Will, BS ’47*

Robert M. Zak, MBA ’80, BS ’80*

Victor S. Zaraya, BS ’96*

Investor: Graduates of the last decade, $500+

Jason A. Avdenko, BS ’06, and Rowena Rajandran

Jeffrey R. Bassen, BS ’10

Jonathan R. Davis, MBA ’08

Slaven Dreno, BS ’11*

Aaron M. Fiebelkorn, BS ’15*

Louis Galarza, MS ’15, BS ’14*

Taz Guishard, EMBA ’16*

Turner P. Gutmann, MBA ’12, BS ’03, BA ’03

John J., EMBA ’06, and Lisa M. Herman

Rose M. Hu, MBA ’09, BS ’09

Jason Iacutone, BS ’10

Dr. Padmaja T. Kumar, EMBA ’16* 

Gary Kurdziel, EMBA ’14

Thomas J. Maxian, EMBA ’13, JD ’03

Nelson R. McNeil, BS ’08*

Dr. George M., EMBA ’13, and Mary Evans Narby, JD ’87

Nicholas M. Notarius, MBA ’13, BS ’13*

Andrew G. Peer, BS ’06

Adam D. Pratt, EMBA ’13, CEL ’08

Dorothy M. Siaw-Asamoah, PhD ’12, MBA ’05, BS ’03* 

Leon H. Smith IV, EMBA ’15, BS ’02

Ezra J., JD ‘09, MBA ‘09, and Holly L. Staley, EdM ’10*

Richard W. Stauffer, EMBA ’13, BS ’94

Andrea L. Wick, BS ’12*

Anthony D. Zoratti, PMBA ’13*

Associate: $500 - $999

Bank of America Charitable Foundation*

David A. Bell, CEL ’04, MBA ’91, BS ’90 

Paul E. Buckley, CEL ’04

Christopher J. Carlson, BS ’99*

Martha A. Cassidy, BS ’92

Coca-Cola Foundation*

Regien D. De Bleecker, EMBA ’04*

Deloitte & Touche Foundation

Deborah DiMatteo*

Gregory R. Duval, MBA ’99, BS ’97

Rachel A. Foley, MBA ’92*

Freed Maxick CPAs PC*

Meilee Fu, BS ’87*

Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program*

Healthcare Human Resource Managers Association of WNY*                

Stephen M., PhD ’96, and Connie Horan*

Hunt Charitable Foundation Inc.*


William C. Kreussling, BS ’80

Paula J. La Manna, MBA ’81, BA ’79*

Johnny J. Lee, BS ’99*

Roger L. McLaughlin, BS ’56*

Mentholatum Co. Inc.*

Kevin C. Meszaros, BS ’92*

Robert C., MS ’73, MBA ’72, and Maria Novak

Richard C. Osborne, BS ’69 

Anthony C. Oswald*

Elaine J. Pfeifer, BS ’80*

Procter & Gamble Fund

Paul A., MBA ’92, BA ’86, and Rosemary Quebral

Mark R. Rodgers, MBA ’87*

Alva R. Royston, BS ‘73*

Steven L. Saunders, BS ’77*

Daniel S. Umlauf, BS ’81 

Michael H. Watts, BS ’89*

Colleen M. Wirth, BS ’91*

Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP

Your Cause LLC Trustee for Boston Scientific Employee Giving*

Entrepreneur: $250 - $499

Andersen Tax

Anonymous Friends

Aon Foundation

Gordon P. Assad, BS ’71

Cris Balint*

Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program*

Jaime A. Bari, EMBA ’98

Bryan L. Bechard, BS ’98

Laura L. Benedetti, BS ’87*

Dr. Robert F. Berner, MBA ’48, BS ’39

Michael L. Bianchi, MBA ’90, BA ’88*

Judith Bloomfield

Thomas M. Bodziak, MBA ’78

Joanna Bonazoli, BS ’94*

Donald N. Boyd, MBA ’97, BA ’93*

Buffalo Biolabs LLC*

Karen M. Camiolo, MBA ’85, BS ’81

Eric D. Chapman, BS ’08*

Bin Chen*

William F. Clarke III, BS ’90*

Ann B. Cohen, MBA ’82*

Collins Advisors LLC*

Brian, EMBA ’16, and Karen F. Connolly, PharmD ’07*

Barbara Conroy, BS ’70

Michael J. Conroy, BS ’68

Edwin L. Crocker, BS ’57*

Mitchell D. Day, EMBA ’02

Stacy A. Dean, EMBA ’15, MS ’00, BS ’97*

Daniel A. Dintino Jr., BS ’84*

Joseph A. Dirig, MBA ’00, BS ’98

Jeffrey T. Dorn, MBA ’75

Daniel S. Elias, MBA ’93*

Harvey Epstein, MBA ’70

Joseph P. Feeley, BS ’83

Carlo Figliomeni, MBA ’97, BS ’95*

Lawrence M. Filipski, MBA ’89, BS ’78*

Franklin H. Fitch, MBA ’62, BS ’58

Constance L. A., MBA ’98, and David J. Flint, MD ’03*

Robert M. Florian, BS ’85

Dr. Ho Leung and Sun Mi Fung*

Michael W. Garwood, MBA ’83, BA ’82*

Patricia Gillen, BS ’83*

Grant Thornton Foundation*

Jeffrey M. Green, MS ’06*

Kenneth D. Greene, MBA ’69

John M. Grela, BS ’74*

Jason D. Gullo, PMBA ’06*

Edward F. Hacherl, BS ’78* 

William A. Hamilton, BS ’68

Insyte Consulting*

David R., BS ’86, and Juliana Janson, BA ’86*

Patricia M. Jayne, JD ’81, BS ’78*

Claire S. Jones, MBA ’93

Ray Joseph, BS ’94

Daniel W. Judge, MBA ’69

Sangkyoo Kang, PhD ’06*

Dr. Robert T. Keller, MBA ’67

Jeffrey N. Kelm, BS ’78*

Thomas E. Kennedy, EMBA ’16*

Ash Khare*

Michael D. King, MBA ’91, BS ’90*

Kevin B. Kirk, PMBA ’04, BPS ’98* 

Jonathan H. Klubek, BS ’04*

Steven A. Kroll, BS ’85

James J. Krygier, MBA ’87

Jerome O. Lee, EMBA ’07, BS ’99

David A. Lepard, BS ’59

Adrian P. Levesque, EMBA ’13, BA ’03 

Gregory S. Maliken, MBA ’90* 

Robert G. Mencer Jr., MBA ’86, BS ’79 

Lawrence R. Mietus, BS ’84*

Scot A., MBA ’01, and Cynthia T. Millen, MBA ’01

Lee Mittleman, BS ’78

Heather A. Montague, EMBA ’15, BS ’02*

Susan J. Niver-Percy, MBA ’82, BS ’82*

Michael P. Nugent, EMBA ’15*

Michael D. Olfano, MBA ’94, BS ’92*

Carlie Opitz*

Jack P. Owczarczak, BS ’76*

Rajeev N. Parikh, PhD ’82*

Brian K. Pearson, MBA ’84*

Jonathan B. Petromelis, BS ’85

Philips North America*

Phuong Tu Phung, EMBA ’16, BS ’05*

Anthony Piccolo, BS ’90*

Rajnandini Pillai, PhD ’94*

Joseph E. Porcello, BS ’74*

Praxair Matching Gifts Program

James P. Riley, BS ’61

Kenneth A. Rogers, MBA ’76*

Lawrence R. Roseman, BS ’95*

Wayne A. Rozen, BS ’64*

Katie A. Rozsa, BS ’08*

James J. Scerra, BS ’81*

Michael Schaffstall, BS ’90*

Thomas Silvey Jr., BS ’58*

Southtown Electronic*

Mark A. Stebbins, BS ’90

Lenore M. Stitt, MBA ’99, BS ’95*

Douglas Stoll, EMBA ’15

Steven D. Szubinski, EMBA ’10, CEL ’10*

Patrick J. Talty, BS ’80*

Thomas Telesco, BS ’93*

Dr. Cristian I. Tiu*

Michelle Watorek*

Michael Weiner, MBA ’90, MS ’74, BA ’72, and Gina M. Laiose, MSW ’86*

Josephinea F. Wilber, BS ’99*

Kurt V. Wojdat, PhD ’99

John C. Wright, MBA ’79*

You’re the Expert Now LLC*

Ren Z.  Zhu, BS ’09*

Myra Zimmerman, BS ’49*

Student Shareholders: $100+

Richard G. Amantia, MBA ’16, BS ’14*

Dr. Robert M. Ashe, EMBA ’16, BA ’03*

Daniel P. Barone, BPS ’90*

Kimberly Behzadi, MBA ’16, CAS ’16*

Danielle M. Blount, MBA ’16, BA ’13*

Dr. Rositsa I. Byers, EMBA ’16*

Christine Candino, MS ’16*

Shiawtian Chen, BS ’16*

Tiffany Ciolek, EMBA ’16*

David P. Colonna, EMBA ’16*

Brian, EMBA ’16, and Karen F. Connolly, PharmD ’07*

Rui Deng, BS ’16*

Lauren M. DiDuro*

Aaron M. Fiebelkorn, BS ’15*

Ryan J. Fogle, MBA ’16*

Adam Fries, MBA ’16*

Spencer J. Gates, MS ’16, BS ’15*

Conrad D. Gleber*

Kyle T. Gooding*

Kathryn A. Gorman, BS ’16*

Taylor L. Gorman*

Joseph D. Grupp, EMBA ’16*

Taz Guishard, EMBA ’16*

Rema S. Hanash, EMBA ’16*

Carol J. Heffernan, EMBA ’16, BS ’93*

Donald Herzog, EMBA ’16*

Ryan Holbrook, EMBA ’16*

Lev C. Horowitz*

Michael W. Hynes*

Mariah J. Ireland, EMBA ’16, BS ’07*

Christa N. James, EMBA ’16*

Dr. Amit Kandel, EMBA ’16*

Celine G. Keefe*

Thomas E. Kennedy, EMBA ’16*

Naeim Khanjani, BS ’16*

Ernest W. Kihl, BA ’14*

Alex R. Killian, MBA ’16, BS ’16*

Karolyn A. Kroboth, MS ’16, BS ’15*

Dr. Padmaja Tangutoor Kumar, EMBA ’16*

Janine M. Lesniak, BS ’15*

Brian J. Lynch, MBA ’16*

Lindsay M. Macaluso*

Anthony M. Marchesiello*

Brandon M. Mazzella*

Kaitlin E. McCormick, EMBA ’16*

Seth W. Mitchell, EMBA ’16*

David Molina, BS ’12*

Jeffrey T. Morrisey, BS ’12*

Kristin A. Nebral, EMBA ’16, BS ’04*

Michael E. Nelkin, EMBA ’16, BS ’00*

Kenneth G. Ntim*

Christopher M. O'Neill, MBA ’16, BS ’14*

Matthew J. Orszewski, BS ’15*

Jennifer Peterson*

Phuong Tu Phung, EMBA ’16, BS ’05*

Andrew R. Piechowicz, EMBA ’16, BS ’12*

Melissa A. Rackmil*

Nicholas R. Rados*

Alexander C. Rankie, BA ’15*

Freddie P. Raphael, EMBA ’16*

Adhiraj Singh Rathore*

Matthew A. Ricotta, BS ’16*

Andrew Robertson, MS ’16, BS ’15*

Kevin Rogers, EMBA ’16*

Jason A. Ross, MusB ’15, BS ’15*

Nicholas C. Schrager, BS ’16*

Jacob P. Schupbach*

Eric J. Seger, MBA ’16, BS ’14*

Dustin Snyder, EMBA ’16*

Maryann Stankovski, BS ’16*

Rachel E. Stern, BA ’12*

Vignesh Sundara Rajan, MBA ’16*

Patrick J. Talbot, MBA ’16, BS ’13*

Briana N. Tom*

Darren C. Tower, EMBA ’16*

Diego Silva Velazco, EMBA ’16*

Michael B. Venezia, EMBA ’16, MS ’04, BS ’02*

Sarah S. Walker, MBA ’16, BS ’14*

Hui Ting Wendy Wen* 

Lee Williams*

Jill Winter*

Jordan L. Wishman*

Zhen Long Yang, MS ’16*

Mark A. Zogaria, EMBA ’16*

Hutton appointed assistant dean and senior director of philanthropy

Hutton at the celebration last fall for the newly updated Perry's Ice Cream Plaza.

Gayle Hutton joined the School of Management philanthropy team in July after serving as a senior major gift officer in the UB Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. She also has held philanthropy positions at UB in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and as a director of special gifts. Previously, Hutton spent 15 years as the director of development at the Gow School and served as director of alumni at the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan.


Hutton is president of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association and a member of the development committee for the Boys and Girls Club of East Aurora. In her free time, she is a violinist and violist who performs as a freelance and chamber musician, and enjoys biking and other outdoor activities with her family.


As assistant dean and senior director of philanthropy, Hutton oversees a team of professionals to cultivate meaningful relationships with our alumni and friends to advance the school’s mission and raise philanthropic support for our students.