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Our policy does not deviate from the University's Privacy Policy except for two instances. The first is in regard to the duration we retain our server log files. The University's general policy is that information collected is retained for a period of 180 days and then destroyed. The School of Management retains its log files indefinitely on compact disk. We currently have data dating to November 2000. The reason for this is that we sometimes decide to look at old information in a new way in an attempt to determine factors that can increase traffic to our website. Our policy of retaining website traffic logs indefinitely might or might not change in the future. 

The second instance in which our policy deviates from the University's general policy is in relation to electronic—or Internet—commerce. On some of our secured sites, we provide people the option to pay for course offerings with a credit card. Given that people can register for courses anytime of the day, week or year, it is possible for someone to register for a course on a Friday evening (for example) and not have anyone in our offices see that registration information until the following Wednesday if Monday were Christmas Eve and Tuesday were Christmas. In order to provide our staff sufficient time to process credit-card payments for course registrations, we currently retain credit-card information for seven days on our secure sites that offer a credit-card-payment option before destroying all records of that information. In the future this policy might change so that less time passes before all credit-card information is destroyed, but the elapsed time period never will exceed seven days.

As our website changes and our involvement in Internet commerce increases, this Privacy Policy will change so that you always will be kept informed of what we do with any sensitive information you elect to provide. Please note that although the School of Management website contains links to other locations within the University at Buffalo as well as to websites outside the University, we are not responsible for their privacy practices.

For the remainder of our Privacy Policy, please view the University at Buffalo's Privacy Policy. If you have questions or suggestions regarding this privacy statement, please contact us at MGT-SiteDeveloper@buffalo.edu or via one of the other methods indicated below. To learn more about New York's Personal Privacy Protection Law (Public Officers Law Article 6-A) go to this page. To learn more about the process involved in establishing and implementing statewide technology policies and standards go to this page

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